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As the founder and CEO of Locassa I’ve had a very interesting journey. I’ve worked with some of the most talented individuals (and some of the worst). I’ve worked alongside amazing developers and creative designers who have helped shape my view of this industry and furthered my own personal growth considerably.

I started my career nearly 20 years ago as a software engineer, intent on always producing work of the highest standard and creating software that genuinely makes things better for people. I’m driven by recognition of my work and the work of my team and have carried that through to Locassa. My first taste of computing came at the age of 7 when my father bought our first computer, and the immediate fascination of creating software took hold.

Now Locassa is almost 7 years old, I have the most amazing team working on some of the world’s most interesting products for some of the world’s most interesting people and brands. This is truly a passion of mine and my teams and the fact we can place a business around what we love doing is just wonderful. I have taken all the good bits from my career (and ignored all the bad) and created a company that is the kind of place I always wanted to work, where people are encouraged to question everything and innovate every day. We are not corporate; we are a family. We are passionate about amazing products, the same as when I was 7 and little has changed over the years except the simple fact that I am now surrounded by people who feel the same as I do about the wonderful things we create.




Creating beautiful products is easy when you care

We believe that quality and innovation are not just parts of a business requirement, they are an obligation for those that love what they do. We are a small but growing team, driven by passion and fuelled by a creative spark that resides in truly talented and unique individuals.


The only competition we care about is ourselves

Clients have approached us for nearly seven years. We build a collaborative relationship, both internally, between team members and with our clients. Whether big named brands or passionate start-ups and individuals, we take those we work with and their ideas on a journey to discover something beautiful, together.

If you've been looking for an exciting team to work with in an amazing industry then we want to hear from you

A passionate team

Our team genuinely love what they do and it shows. We create work to the highest standard for some of the worlds biggest brands and most interesting startups on both Apple and Android platforms. We only work with clients who are passionate about their idea or want to learn what's possible on mobile, it's what keeps us interested.

worldwide recognition

Our products have hit the number 1 spot on the App Store and are regularly in the top 5 for various categories. We are also regularly featured in the national press and blogs including The Mail, The Independent, The Sun, Stylist, Glamour, ShortList, Women's Health, The Guardian, BBC, BuzzFeed, Men's Fitness and of course Apple themselves.


If I’m ever asked what’s most important in UX design, I always reply empathy.

  • It’s the core meta attribute, the driver that motivates everything else. Empathy encourages you to understand who uses your product, forces you to ask deeper questions and motivates the many redesigns you go through to get a product right

    Scott Jenson

Our recruitment process is more involved than most, it's how we hire the most passionate people

Phone Screening

We first require you to call a phone number which is specific to each role and answer a couple of simple questions. The questions have no right or wrong answers and are your own opinion. You will also be asked to leave contact details so we can contact candidates who are successful.

Recruitment Day

If you pass the initial telephone screening, you will be invited to one of our weekly recruitment days. These are for groups of between 15 and 20 people and you will be given a presentation by our CEO before being asked to talk about your experience and passion in front of the other candidates.

Job Role Tests

Depending on the role, you may be asked to do either a technical test, a job skills test or a design challenge. You will be given full details of what's required as well as all other information required for you to complete the task within the given timeframe. These tests are conducted in your own time away from our office.

1-to-1 Interview

The final stage is a 1-to-1 interview with selected members of our team where you will discuss your experience in more detail, showcase your work and discuss your potential career within Locassa. This is your chance to really show us why you want to join our team and to meet your peers.

Ready to join our team?

Below you will find the roles we are currently hiring for. If you would like to apply for one of the roles and your experience and skills match the statements, please call the number to find out more.

UX / UI Designer
  • 2+ years commercial mobile UI / UX Design
  • Fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite
  • A Design related degree
  • Understanding of visual design capabilities
  • A portfolio showing breadth and visual creativity
0800 246 5607
iOS Developer
  • 2+ years commercial iOS experience
  • Collaborated with UI/UX Designers and QAs
  • Produced successful applications within your role
  • Have worked on multiple personal iOS projects
  • A natural desire to produce beautiful apps
0800 246 5617
Android Developer
  • 2+ years commercial Android experience
  • Collaborated with UI/UX Designers and QAs
  • Produced successful applications within your role
  • Have worked on multiple personal Android projects
  • A natural desire to produce beautiful apps
0800 246 5627
Java Developer
  • 2+ years commercial Java experience
  • Strong commercial J2EE experience
  • Strong experience in RESTful Web Services
  • Strong interest in working with mobile
  • Strong knowledge of the Spring framework
0800 246 5637
QA Engineer
  • 2+ years commercial testing experience
  • Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies
  • Strong passion and understanding for user testing
  • Experience with both white and black box testing
  • Experience working using Agile within JIRA
0800 246 5647